Národní památkový ústav - územní odborné pracoviště v Českých Budějovicích


Státní zámek Hluboká nad Vltavou

Bezručova 142

373 41 Hluboká nad Vltavou

Czech Republic








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12. 2. 2016


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V, VI ,IX    -   just Saturdays and Sundays
VII and VIII   -   every day    
Interval  of the tours is 30 - 60 min
Number of visitors in the group is max. 25 people
(The last tour starts at 16:00 )



Along with the planned rebuilding of Hluboká in the mid 19th century, a new arrangement of the chateau kitchen was designed, too. The kitchen premises were, in the spirit of the English arrangement of similar facilities, located in theKitchen basement, with a special entrance for bringing foods and fuel. Following Prince Jan Adolf II’s wish, the kitchen was to be divided into a part used for cooking warm and cold dishes and for the special confectionery kitchen. Very strict attention was given to the hygienic storage of particular kinds of supplies and careful separation of meat and milk products. By the year 1857, the kitchen premises were equipped with highly up-to-date furnishings of that time, including window ventilations, two food lifts and a new pressure water-supply line, and the kitchen was already used for cooking.
      The kitchen was further modernised during the rule of Prince Adolf Josef and his spouse Ida, née Princess of Liechtenstein. The work rooms of the kitchen was divided into the Great or Warm Kitchen and the Little or Cold Kitchen, furnished with a new kitchen stove and an efficient ventilation system. To connect the kitchen with the residential floors, a personal lift was established and food lifts modernised.